Dear Mom,



How are things back home?  Did Fisher finally buy that gravbreaker he had his eye on for the last five years?  I know he wanted that thing so badly. 


I miss you guys.  Things are okay up here.  Our studies and stuff are really kicking up, with graduation in a month.   We’ve done a month-long tour around the system, Earth to Jupiter and back.  A couple of guys lost it and had to be put into stasis-comas for the rest of the trip, but I made it through okay.  I also did my first solo flyby and docking at Eden Station.  That was amazing.  Oh, yeah!  I also got the top score in my first blind atmosphere re-entry. It was kinda terrifying, though.  Maybe the most frightened I’ve ever been.


I’ve made a few friends up here.  There’s a kid who’s a real whiz with the navigation software that the ships run.  It’s neat, we really work well together.  His name is Jordan.  There’s also a cute girl in my class, her name is Fusey.  I think she likes me, who knows, maybe I’ll ask her out.  There’s also a really great pilot name Alastair, here.  He and I have a sort of friendly rivalry.  We get along just fine, we just like to sort of rag on each other, goad each other into performing our best.  The four of us are usually together, we get chow together, and spend our downtime together.  Call ourselves the Four Horsemen.


I know it’s really corny.


We keep hearing people talk about a war coming.  I don’t know, it kinda scares me.  I guess I just want you to pray that it doesn’t happen.  They also talk about inertial negation and mass suppression drives, so you never know what to believe.


Anyway,  I have an astrometrics class to go to, so I’ll write you later.


 Love you, tell everyone I said hi.




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