Below you will find a basic psychological prolfiling survey form. These questions have been designed to allow us to evaluate any potential issues that might be triggered by various factors such as prolonged time in an enclosed environment, HSDS, interpersonal interactivity with fellow crew members, cognitive function and other stressors. Please answer these questions as thoroughly as you are able. Your answers will be viewed only by the the Global Health Organization's phsychologist on-staff at Isley.

Thank you for your cooperation.

1. If you could wake up tomorrow anywhere in the galaxy, where would it be? Why?
            That’s easy.  At the helm of my own ship.  Anywhere in deep space, with no planets around, no asteroids, no wars, no people.  Just peace.

2. What’s the worst thing or person you could be trapped in a room with?

            Probably a ship with no engines.  Or my idiot uncle.

3. What would be the hardest thing, person or aspect of yourself for you to give up?

            My freedom, I think.  Having my personal choice being taken away, being tied down.  That sort of thing.  I guess you could possibly read this as a fear of responsibility, psych-analyzer.

4. If you were a character on a soap opera, what would be a shocking twist about you that would precede a commercial break?

            Maybe that I was almost directly responsible for the death of the entire crew of the Hemmingway.

            Or that I hate soda.

5. List three things you want, but are so unnecessary you would never buy them on your own.

            I want a signed Emmitt Smith rookie card, the original workprint of Star Wars, and a cruise of my own.

6. Tell about a time when you felt the most:


            The day I passed my flight test.


            My first blind atmosphere re-entry.  No instruments, no comm, just praying that my math was up to speed.

            The day my Dad took my car away because I failed chemistry


            I don’t know.  I don’t think I’m sad very often.  I think it’s kind of a useless emotion.  No point, doesn’t help things, ever.           

7. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
            I think I kind of have a horse-head.

8. What’s a surefire way to elicit a good reaction from you? What about a bad reaction?
            A good reaction?  Tell me a joke.  A good one, and not just one that’s dirty.  Or make me a huge, greasy meal.  Like one that would be served at a diner. I love that stuff.  A bad reaction, well, probably insult my abilities.  I’ve been known to throw a few punches for that.

9. What is one of your pet peeves?
            I only have to name one?  This is the easiest psych profile I’ve ever taken.  People who call me flyboy,  but in that derogatory way.

10. What is the quality you admire most in yourself?

            I’m a survivor.


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